General Terms and Conditions


VALO LUXURY RETREATS is a professional management and rental organization of luxury villas in a holiday park in Finnish Lapland. Valo Luxury Retreats OY is established in Helsinki Finland and is registered under the Finnish VAT number 2956338-4.

Article 1- Concepts

In these General Terms and Conditions shall be understood under:

  1. (Main)Tenant: a (natural) person, who rents or wishes to rent a vacation home from VALO LUXURY RETREATS.
  2. Co-tenant: the one who stays with (main)Tenant in the vacation home.
  3. Manager: the one who, on behalf of the owner of a vacation home, performs the management tasks of the vacation home.
  4. Consumer: a natural person who rents a vacation home, and who is not acting in the exercise of his profession or business.
  5. Third parties: any other (legal) person other than VALO LUXURY RETREATS or Tenant.
  6. Owner: the rightful owner of a vacation home (or his representative), who has offered the vacation home for rental to VALO LUXURY RETREATS.
  7. Booking: a reservation of a vacation home, accepted by VALO LUXURY RETREATS.
  8. Vacation home: a house offered for rent as holiday accommodation by VALO LUXURY RETREATS.
  9. Stay: the actual use of a holiday accommodation.


Article 2- Applicability General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers and quotations of, agreements with, deliveries and services of VALO LUXURY RETREATS. Deviating conditions, appointments or regulations apply only if and insofar as they are confirmed by VALO LUXURY RETREATS in writing. These General Terms and Conditions apply only to legal relationships between VALO LUXURY RETREATS and consumers and not to legal relationships between VALO LUXURY RETREATS and companies, respectively persons acting in the exercise of their profession.

Article 3- Revocation right

VALO LUXURY RETREATS points out to the Tenant that reservations which he makes are legally final. The right of withdrawal does not apply to services/agreements concerning the services/agreements relating to the provision of accommodation, if a specific date or period of performance and other than for residential purposes is provided in the agreement. These services are an exception to the ‘Distance Selling Act’ and therefore do not qualify for a right of withdrawal (‘reflection period’) of 14 days.

Article 4- Prices and rates

  1. Indicated prices are from-prices, including VAT.
  2. The prices include booking fees, cleaning fees and costs of (bed) linen.

Article 5- Payment conditions

  1. Payment of 100% of the total rent as indicated on the invoice, must be paid by return after making the booking/reservation and in any case have been received by VALO LUXURY RETREATS within five days after the booking date.
  2. The key of the vacation home will not be released until VALO LUXURY RETREATS has 100% certainty about the receipt of full payment. To this end, VALO LUXURY RETREATS can ask Tenant to submit a proof of payment.
  3. When paying by bank, the date of transfer to the bank account of VALO LUXURY RETREATS shall apply as date of payment. VALO LUXURY RETREATS has the right to demand, both before and after the conclusion of the lease, a security for payment, under suspension of the execution of the rental agreement until the security is provided; without prejudice to the right of VALO LUXURY RETREATS to performance, compensation and/or total or partial cancellation, without judicial intervention and without VALO LUXURY RETREATS being liable for any compensation.
  4. In case of failure to compliance with the payment terms set out in this article, VALO LUXURY RETREATS reserves the right to cancel the reservation and to offer the home again for rent.

Article 6- Annulment conditions

  1. If Tenant for any reason, proceeds to the cancellation of a concluded lease agreement, the cancellation charges amount to 100% of the agreed price including VAT. Tenant forfeits compensation (cancellation charges) for the benefit of VALO LUXURY RETREATS.
  2. VALO LUXURY RETREATS recommends purchasing a personal travel insurance from a third party to cover cancellation costs.

Article 7- Dissolution

VALO LUXURY RETREATS is entitled to regard the booking as cancelled without the need for notice of default or judicial intervention being required if:

  1. The full rent is not paid in accordance with the commitments set out in Article 5, ‘Payment conditions’;
  2. Tenant has failed to fulfil any of the obligations set out in Article 9, ‘Rights and Obligations of Tenant’.

Article 8- Rights and Obligations of VALO LUXURY RETREATS

  1. VALO LUXURY RETREATS is only bound to the rental agreement upon receipt of the payment.
  2. VALO LUXURY RETREATS is obliged to deliver the leased property to Tenant at the agreed time, clean and in good condition.
  3. VALO LUXURY RETREATS may visit the rented property at any reasonable time.

Article 9- Rights and Obligations of Tenant

  1. Tenant shall indicate the expected arrival time to meet Manager for the handover of the vacation home.
  2. Tenant shall, unless otherwise provided in the reservation confirmation, have vacated the vacation home no later than at the time indicated in the booking confirmation. VALO LUXURY RETREATS is never responsible for the consequences of a later departure than the specified time. On departure later than indicated in the reservation, Tenant must pay an additional rental amount per day.
  3. Tenant shall behave as a good Tenant and use the vacation home in accordance with the – by VALO LUXURY RETREATS or the Owner/Manager provided – reasonable instructions and bylaws, both of which can be found in the information folder in the vacation home.
  4. Tenant must use linen on the beds and is not entitled to use the beds without sheets.
  5. Tenant is not allowed to give the leased property in use to third parties, nor allow more persons to spend the night there than agreed when making the reservation, except with the written consent of VALO LUXURY RETREATS.
  6. Pets are allowed only if so agreed in the reservation. If this is not the case, the refusal of the pet, or re-routing to another vacation residence can be the result.
  7. Tenant will use the rented vacation home exclusively as a residence and explicitly may not exercise a profession or business therein.
  8. It is not allowed to smoke in the vacation home. If this is detected, fees will be charged for extra cleaning.
  9. It is forbidden to use other appliances for cooking or washing purposes in the property, than those arranged or placed by the Owner/Manager.
  10. Tenant is prohibited, by making music or noise, to cause nuisance to other residents of the park.
  11. It is not allowed to stay with youth groups in the vacation home. VALO LUXURY RETREATS reserves the right to refuse or remove youth groups in case of trouble.
  12. Renting multiple objects by groups other than youth groups, is only possible if the reservation is as such, stating the nature or the composition of the group. Failure to notify, as such, may have the effect of termination of the lease. VALO LUXURY RETREATS reserves the right to refuse or remove groups in case of trouble.
  13. Tenant agrees to park his vehicles at the designated places. Parking in gardens and on lawns is prohibited.
  14. On departure, Tenant must leave the vacation home in decent condition. The objects, present in the home, must always be put back in its original position (on arrival). Dishes should be washed and stored in the proper location, kitchen and refrigerator should be left clean and garbage must be placed in the appropriate container. The Owner/Manager is entitled to make a final check at the time of departure. If the Owner/Manager establishes that (several) things are not in order, the Owner/Manager will be entitled to charge Tenant extra (cleaning) costs.
  15. In case of violation of one or more of the obligations referred to in Article 9 paragraph 1 up to and including 14, VALO LUXURY RETREATS reserves the right to remove Tenant.

Article 10- Damage

  1. Tenant is liable for damages caused by him or his Co-tenants to the vacation home or the objects therein (such as upholstery and furniture, but not limited thereto). This also applies for the loss of any of these objects.
  2. Any damage should be reported immediately by Tenant to Manager.
  3. Repair or replacement costs should be reimbursed by Tenant immediately to the Owner/Manager, upon first request.
  4. Tenant shall be deemed to have accepted the rented property with the inventory contained therein, in accordance with the inventory present in the rented property, with no damage, unless he has lodged a complaint at Manager within two hours after occupying the rented property. Provided that the Tenant is not liable for the occurrence of the damage, Manager will endeavour, as far as reasonably may be required of her, to repair the damage within 2 working days from the time the report was made. Tenant is not entitled to discount, settlement of rent, or compensation otherwise.
  5. Should any damage be ascertained afterwards by Owner/Manager, for which Tenant has not complained, then the damage will be considered to have been caused by Tenant during his tenancy.
  6. VALO LUXURY RETREATS recommends purchasing a personal travel insurance from a third party to cover costs regarding caused damages.

Article 11- Other provisions

  1. VALO LUXURY RETREATS is not liable for theft or damage to properties of Tenant.
  2. VALO LUXURY RETREATS is not liable for inconvenience caused by third parties.
  3. In case the object booked by Tenant unfortunately is not available, VALO LUXURY RETREATS is obliged to make an equivalent alternative accommodation available to Tenant. All this at the discretion of VALO LUXURY RETREATS. In this case, Tenant has no right to compensation or discount.

Article 12- Product description

VALO LUXURY RETREATS is responsible for the accuracy of the description of the vacation home. The description and impressions of the vacation home and the surrounding area, which include facilities, equipment, facilities and recreation opportunities, can – by their nature or due to interim changes or seasonal influences or otherwise – be slightly different from the description on the VALO LUXURY RETREATS website. Hereto, no rights can be derived by Tenant. Tenant has no right to compensation or discount.

Article 13- Complaints

  1. The notification of a complaint can be made by phone to the local Manager by telephone number +358 442439872.
  2. If a complaint, after consultation with the Owner/Manager and VALO LUXURY RETREATS, cannot be solved locally to Tenant’s satisfaction, the Tenant must send the complaint in writing, within 30 days of departure from the venue, to VALO LUXURY RETREATS to

Article 14- Privacy

VALO LUXURY RETREATS will always treat all personal information, provided or become known to her, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. VALO LUXURY RETREATS will provide the passenger data on a foreigner without delay to the police department in whose district the accommodation business is located.

VALO LUXURY RETREATS will keep the passenger cards and data for one year after signing the passenger card, after which they will be erased. This obligation is based on the Act on Accommodation and Food Service Operations (308/2006).