Experience summer in the north

You might think of Lapland as a winter destination, but it also offers a range of unique summer experiences. Nature in the north begins to wake up in May, the magical midnight sun shines bright in June-July, and the vibrant fall colors burst in September. There’s plenty to do and see in Saariselkä when the days and nights are long. You can adventure in nature, hike the fells, or try activities like off-road cycling, canoeing, fishing or rafting. And it’s also the ultimate gateway for photographers looking to capture images of nature at its very best.

22 Jul 2024

23 Jul 2024


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Hike the fjells

If you’d like to explore the largest national park in Finland and one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, head to the Urho Kekkonen National Park. The park features untouched wilderness, river-valleys and highland fells, several of which peak at over 500 meters. And with a large network of day cabins, wilderness huts and campsites, there are plenty of places to stop along the way. There are over 200 kilometers of themed trails from Saariselkä and Kiilopää, which are ideal for day trips, trail-running and mountain biking. Let the midnight sun light your way as you get to know Nordic nature up close. And if you are unable to hike on foot, the peak of the Kaunispää fell is also accessible by car and offers spectacular views of the Urho Kekkonen National Park, Sompio Strict Nature Reserve and Hammastunturi Wilderness Area.

Mountain biking

Saariselkä is one of the most picturesque landscapes in Finland to explore on a mountain bike. Whether it’s a relaxing ride with family and friends, a wild outdoor adventure, or a strenuous workout, there is a path and terrain for every rider here. Choose beginner tracks that will take you through the forest and up and down the fells, rocky, heart-racing narrow paths, or something in between. We’d be happy to help with organizing bikes, helmets, guides, personalized routes and anything else you may need.


The clean, rushing rivers, pristine streams and lovely lakes of northern Lapland are not only beautiful to look at, they’re also full of fish. With salmon, trout, sea trout, whitefish, pike, perch and grayling in the waters, anglers of all skill levels can make plenty of great catches. In the summer months, you can fish day and night thanks to the midnight sun. And of course you’ll also enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape every time you cast your line.

Horseback riding

Exploring the local fells on horseback is a truly magical experience. You’ll be one with nature as you enjoy the stunning and pristine landscape of northern Lapland. In the summer months, the midnight sun doesn’t set, so you can ride day or night. And when summer turns to fall, the foliage bursts in yellows, oranges and reds. Horseback riding is an easy and fun way to be close to nature.

Gold panning

Experience the excitement of gold fever on this gold panning excursion. Northern Lapland has a long history of gold prospecting, which you will learn about as you try your hand at gold panning with the help of an experienced local guide. This is a fun and unique activity that’s suited to the whole family. But remember, gold fever is real, so you might well want to come back for more and more and more!

Experience the indigenous Sàmi culture

If you want to learn about the culture and heritage of the Sàmi people who have inhabited northern Lapland for generations, this is the best place to do it. The Sàmi Museum and Nature Centre Siida is an indoor/outdoor museum dedicated to preserving and sharing the history, culture and language of this indigenous people. You will also learn all about this dynamic and beautiful part of the world, including about the landscape, traditions, climate and much more.

During summer

Take great walks, dive into the lake, hug a reindeer, frolic through the grass, surrender to the middle of nowhere. The summer in Saariselkä has no shortage of light. The sun shines all day long. There is plenty to do and see when the days are long. Enjoy adventures in the beautiful nature, activities such as off-road cycling, canoeing, fishing or rafting. In addition to these activities, Saariselkä is the ultimate gateway for photographers to capture the beautiful nature on film.