22 Jul 2024

23 Jul 2024


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The magic of Lapland awaits

Deep in the heart of Finnish Lapland, nestled between endless forests and snowy ski slopes, lies a truly unique retreat – the VALO Ice Cube Villas. These luxurious holiday homes are beautifully designed and built with the highest quality materials and finishes, welcoming you into a space where you will feel both pampered and at home. Warm up in your very own sauna, relax by the wood-burning fire, and experience breathtaking views of the northern lights from your villa’s large picture-windows. Welcome to VALO Ice Cube Villas, where adventure awaits all year round.

VALO Ice Cube Villas

Designed to reflect the beauty of their surroundings, each VALO Ice Cube Villa offers a truly unique indoor/outdoor living experience. Furnished and finished to the highest tastes and standards, the spacious villas feature design elements like natural stone floors, solid wood, and large outdoor terraces. They also offer plenty of living space, a luxurious spa and jacuzzi area, large windows with a view to Finland’s largest national park, and so much more.

Interiors inspired by nature

Lapland is a place of natural contradictions – rugged yet relaxing, dark yet light, cold yet warm. VALO Ice Cube Villas are designed to reflect the unique beauty of this special place. Featuring Nordic architecture, the highest quality furniture and fixtures, and natural materials like local stone and wood, the villas represent the Nordic design philosophy of functional beauty that’s made to last. Inside the exterior inspired by blocks of ice, you will find a warm, cozy and relaxing space that invites you to recharge and connect with nature.


Experience the aurora borealis

The northern lights, also known as aurora borealis, are beautiful dancing waves of glowing green light that can be seen in the skies in the polar region. It’s a natural light show like no other. And what’s one of the best places on earth to experience this magical natural phenomena? 

Your VALO Ice Cube villa. 

Saariselkä is located around 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, making it one of the best places to experience the northern lights from early autumn until late winter. Each VALO Ice Cube Villa features large picture-windows that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and, if you’re lucky, the northern lights.

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